14-year-old Girl Beats 13-year-old Friend To Death Over Boyfriend Issue

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A 14-year-old teen has been accused of murdering another 13-year-old teen after they both got into a fight over a boyfriend.

According to report, Maa Abena, 14, got into a fight with Faustina Korankye, 13, over a neighbourhood boyfriend and thus beat her to death.

The incident which happened in Asamang, Afigya Sekyere East Constituency of the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

Speaking to Abusua FM’s Osei Kwadwo, the family of the deceased teen revealed that their daughter, Maa Abena, was stabbed by her friend Faustina Korankye, although she survived the attack.

The family further revealed that after the first altercation, both girls got into yet another fight on Thursday evening with Faustina punching the same spot where she knifed her friend the month before.

The deceased was reported to have fallen to the ground in severe pains and yet again rushed to the Asamang Government Hospital for treatment. She was reported to have lost her life at the hospital.

However, the deceased’s family failed to confirm or deny allegations that both teenagers fought over a man leading to the death of one.

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