22-Year-Old Lady Abducted And Raped By Ex-Boyfriend

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On the 21st of December 2012, Bose Ashade who resides in Ligali street, Ojo road in Ajegunle area of Lagos was kidnapped right in front of her home.

Noone could go for Bose’s rescue, as the thugs who came with motorcycles, were heavily armed and threatened to kill anyone who dared to frustrate their operation.

Her frightened grandmother could not be consoled as she wailed uncontrollably, wondering why anyone would choose to abduct her 22-year- old granddaughter who has been in her custody since the demise of her parents.

However, about seven hours later, news filtered in that Bose had been rescued by policemen from Layeni division, somewhere around Arinu Ishola street, Alaba.

Upon inquiry, it was discovered that her abduction was masterminded by Ibrahim Bolaji her former boyfriend.

Bose as gathered had been in a relationship with Ibrahim for two years before the relationship went sour, over an unknown reason.

Ibrahim had on several occasions attempted to win back his girlfriend, all to no avail.

But along the line, he reportedly learnt that one of his friends was going out with Bose, a major reason he told Policemen made him abduct her.

“Even if she was leaving me, she should have at least, accorded me the respect by going for another person instead of my friend. It was like a slap on my face. I only sent some of my friends to abduct her so as to teach her a lesson. I never intended to collect any money as ransom”, he said.

But while in the hideout, Bose said she was raped by Ibrahim. At first, she said she thought the thugs were kidnappers.

“From  the way they operated, I concluded they were kidnappers.

My grandmother sent me on an errand that fateful evening and immediately I stepped out of the compound,   about nine men grabbed me and  started beating and dragging me at the same time on the ground. I begged them not to kill me, that I was not having any money with me. But they did not stop.

When I got to their hideout around Alaba, my ex-boyfriend, Ibrahim, came in. I was shocked and asked why he would do this to me. Before I could finish the statement, one of them landed a slap across my face. And right there, Ibrahim raped me asking if that was not what I wanted.

“When he finished with me, he left me in the room and directed his boys to keep an eye on me. But I had my phone with me and quickly text the location I was to my new boyfriend who contacted policemen at Layeni. The policemen arrived at about 12.30am and rescued me. But for their swift arrival I do not know what would have happened to me” she said, weeping.

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