32-year-old woman kills Parents with Pestle

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A 32-year-old mentally deranged woman has allegedly killed her parents with a pestle. The sad incident happened on Thursday at Oleh, headquarters of Isoko South, Delta state.

The suspect, Elo Elili, was said to have killed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Elili, when they tried to lock her up because she was roaming the town naked.

The deceased father, a retired Army Warrant Officer and his wife whose names were given as Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Elili, were 75 and 65 respectively.

The corpses of Elo’s parents were discovered in the early hours of Thursday by a neighbour who came knocking on their door to buy some items from their petty trading shop.

After knocking on the door repeatedly, the woman became nervous and decided to peep inside the house. She however got a rude shock when she saw the corpses of both husband and wife lying in pools of blood inside the house.

The woman scared by the gory sight, raised alarm which drew the attention of people in the neighbourhood.

Elo, who has been arrested by the police, owned up to the crime and told detectives that she killed her parents because they hated her.

“My parents hate me. They locked me up in a room where they first hit me before I retaliated with a pestle. I saw blood and that is all I know,” Elo reportedly said.

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