APC Senator Defends Mbaka Over ‘Change’ Buhari Prophecy

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Popular senator, Shehu Sani (APC – Kaduna Central) has defended fiery Catholic priest Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka over a prophecy where he said President Muhammadu Buhari must change the evil cabal frittering away his goodwill or risk being changed by Nigerians.

Mbaka had said this during a crossover service at his Adoration Ministry’s headquarters in Emene, Enugu State.

The cleric said: “I had wanted to pray for you and because I don’t want anybody to attack me; I don’t want the Bishop to invite me; I don’t want politicians to attack me anywhere, God forced me to say this. 2017 became one of the most horrible years in this country and that is the message.

“The Lord wants Nigerians to be speedily rescued. Things are difficult and tough. The hardship is not from God, they are man-made. The cabals and satanic agents in this country have kidnapped the goodwill and good intentions of Mr. President. He must wake up and sit up. Heaven demands Buhari to change those who are holding and caging him in captivity. If he will not change them, he will be changed.”

However, the prophecy generated a host of reactions, with many supporters of the president condemning Mbaka, who predicted a victory for Buhari over incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

However, Sani said it was not right for Buhari supporters to choose which prophecies to believe, urging them not to insult the preacher.

Sani said: If you once celebrated Father Mbaka for telling you what you like and now he is now telling you what you don’t like,please be courteous and don’t insult or attack him.Its natural for people not to agree all the time


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