Babalakin Gets Unpleasant Hospital Visit from EFCC

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If the EFCC is upset by something right now, then Wale Babalakin is an unfortunate victim of their venting.

No less than twenty uniformed operatives of the EFCC stormed the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in the wee hours of Wednesday in order to check up on him.

Bi-courtney Limited spokesperson, Dipo Kehinde, said the EFCC’s visit to his hospital ward was in contravention of a court order barring the anti-corruption agency from harassing or arresting the indicted businessman.

However the EFCC said they were merely investigating the businessman’s ailment in order to ensure that he was not simply trying to weasel out of the court processes instituted against him for alleged money laundering on behalf of James Ibori, convicted ex-governor of Delta State.

Bi-courtney said in a statement, “This is a new trend in judicial administration in Nigeria and it reflects the desperation by the EFCC to violate provisions of the law and constitution in order to circumvent justice, and a violation of the basic human rights of the citizen.

“It is noteworthy that this brings back sad memories of the days of the late Gen. Sani Abacha, when the rights of Nigerians were trampled upon with ease.”

The EFCC clarified to reporters that it had been instructed by the court to verify the veracity of Babalakin’s ailment claims, and was not infringing on the rights of the LUTH patient in doing so.

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