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BB Naija: Watch A Nigerian Mum’s Reaction After Efe Emerged Head Of House

The Big Brother Naija house gets interesting by the day as Efe emerged the Head of the House today after Thin Tall Tony’s eviction.

Recall that Thin Tall Tony was evicted yesterday and he revealed he has a family adding that his claim that his family was dead was in reference to his grandmother and grandfather.

Efe however emerged the head of the house today meaning the contestant who has been tipped to win the competition will be immune to eviction this week.

Following Efe’s emergence as the head of house, A Nigerian mum could not contain her joy as she went ballistics with her reaction.

Recall that ex-housemates Uriel and Kemen had earlier tipped Efe to win the competition.

Watch the Nigerian mum’s reaction after Biggie announce Efe as the new Head of House below:

Watch how this mum reacted after Efe won head of house title yesterday #BBNaija

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