Boko Haram Releases Fresh Video Of 10 Abducted Women

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Deadly Islamist-Jihadist terrorist group, Boko Haram, has released a fresh video showing 10 women, distraught and in tears as they shared their experience in the captivity.

The video which comes following claims by the Nigerian Police that no officers were either killed or abducted by the terrorist group.

Some of the women who spoke in the recently released video which was made available to Sahara Reporters introduced themselves as personnel of the Nigerian Police Force, NPF.

The women one of whom is Amina Adam Gomdia revealed in Hausa that five of the women in their midst are public servants who are also breadwinners in their families.

One of the women who spoke in the recently released video identified herself as Deborah Philipus. She stated that they had been treated well by their abductors right from the moment they were taken into captivity. She further stated that the terrorists tended to their wounds and made sure they never suffered hunger or thirst.

She noted: “We are grateful to you (referring to Boko Haram), but the Government of Nigeria should not say we were not abducted, indeed we were abducted.”

Another of the bewildered abducted women, Amina Adam Gomdia revealed that she was a lecturer with the Federal College of Fisheries, Baga. Sahara Reporters who exclusively obtained the video further revealed that Amina Adam Gomdia was widowed by Boko Haram after her husband and two sons were slaughtered before her eyes in the early years of the Boko Haram conflict in Maiduguri.

The widow in the 4 minutes 41 seconds video said: “Today, here we are, everyone has seen us, our relatives have seen us, government, our youngsters have all seen us, this is not a lie, we have been abducted for 30 days.”

Watch video below:

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