Brainy 9-yr-old Nigerian admitted into UK secondary school

A nine-year old Nigerian, Sarah Nwisi has become one of the youngest pupils in the United Kingdom to gain admission into secondary school this year.

It will be recalled that last year Sarah alongside her brother, Israel Nwisi passed their maths GCSE exam.

Sarah and another nine year old Briton, Laurelle Brant, have passed secondary school entrance test, usually taken by eleven year olds.

The pupils are students under the Excellence In Education (EIE) programme by the Imafidon family, who have broken most of the academic records in Britain.

Excellence in Education (EIE) programme is a non-profit, non-governmental international programme that works with schools, local groups, companies and charities interested in the educational development of students in inner-cities and any children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

A statement by an official of the EIE, said the pupils have already received offers from secondary schools, and would be going to college two years early.

“We can confirm that two year 5 pupils of the Excellence in Education (EIE) programme, namely Sarah Nwisi and Laurelle Brant will be the youngest students to pass Grammar, or Independent Schools this year.”

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