Robert Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwean President

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Zimbabwean President, 93-year-old Robert Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980 has finally succumbed to the pressure of resigning.

President Robert Mugabe was last week placed under house arrest in the state capital of Harare after the military seized control of the country’s state broadcasting TV and international airport.

Following the pressure to resign, Robert Mugabe shocked Zimbabweans in a televised speech on Sunday night after he avoided any mention of resignation during his rambling address.

In his official resignation statement, he said: ‘I Robert Gabriel Mugabe hereby formally tender my resignation as President of Zimbabwe with immediate effect.’

It was reportedly gathered that wild celebrations broke out in the streets of Zimbabwe, parliament as impeachment proceedings were called to a close.

His impeachment process which began on Tuesday when Zimbabwe’s Parliament opened could have taken days to complete, with a defiant Mugabe initially refusing to step down.

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