Buhari is a tyrant and cancer that must be cut down – FFK

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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has expressed his dissatisfaction over the Buhari-led administration, calling the president a tyrant and cancer in his new article titled, “The March for freedom and The Monster from Futa Jalen.”

FFK stated that under the present administration, Nigeria has witnessed numerous deaths more than any other time in our history than during the Civil War.

He condemned the president for being tribalistic, referencing the statement made by the President of the World Bank, Kim Yong Jim, who said that his organisation was asked to focus the developmental plans to the northern part of Nigeria.

Read the statement below;

The greatest crime that man has inflicted on his fellow man in the last 50 years is the evil concept of unrestrained globalization coupled with the incremental evolution, unacceptable espousal and wholehearted acceptance of the artificial, man-made, mongrel nation-state which is made up of ethnic and religious incompatibles.

Yet thankfully there has been a backlash.
The forces of the far-right and ethnic nationalism are marshalling and are on the rise all over the world. Consequently a laudable, unprecedented and irresistable counter-offensive has begun.

We see this in Trump’s United States of America, Putin’s Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Israel, France, Holland, Hungary and many other parts of the civilised world.

We have witnessed it in Catalonia, Biafra, Scotland and Kurdistan where the oppressed are fighting for the establishment of their own nation.

All over the world we hear the cry of those that are struggling for their emancipation and deliverance from alien and foreign oppressors with whom they share no history or have any cultural or religious links or affiliation.

Throughout the comity of nations we hear the desperate lamentations and compelling words of those great and noble patriots and souls who take pride in their history, cultural heritage, ethnicity and religious faith and who refuse to allow their identity to be redefined, watered down, eradicated or decimated in the name of unrestrained and unfettered racial integration with those that they have nothing in common.

We hear the voices of those who refuse to be robbed of their heritage and persona by a godless horde of ranking unbelievers, murderous religious extremists, barborous aliens and desperate usurpers who come from a distant land and we acknowledge the concerns of those who refuse to be ensnared by false, bogus and long-discredited notions of political correctness and the wholesale adoption of discredited and nonsenical liberal values and philosophies.

The bottom line is as follows: there is no crime in flying the flag of ethnic nationalism, in rejecting the idea of a nation of hybrids and in wanting to take your nation back for its people. There is no sin in the desire to re-establish pure and unpolluted ethnic bloodlines and racial stock.

There is no shame in chanting “blood and soil” whilst marching in the streets with torch in hand as others once did many years ago.

It is indeed the procession of the faithful: it is the march for freedom and the song of liberty.

It is an attempt to restore, defend and preserve the very essence of who we are. It is an attempt to break the shackles of bondage and the chains of slavery. It is an attempt to liberate us from those with whom we share no history, no heritage and no values and yet who insist on imposing their will on us, controlling and dominating our very lives and insisting that they were born to rule.

This is all the more so given the fact that, in the Nigerian context, we are saddled with the most bloodthirsty, sadistic, sectional, extreemist, bigoted, tribalistic, vicious, bitter, narrow-minded and ignorant President that our country has ever known.

This is a man that was once a profoundly good man but that has now become one of the worlds greatest ethnic cleansers. I say this because under his watch more Shiite Muslims, northern Christians, Igbo youths, Middle Belters and southerners have been slaughtered and butchered than at any other time in our history other than during the civil war.

Worse still, this is a man who, according to the
President of the World Bank, Kim Yong Jim, said that his organisation should concentrate their efforts on developing northern Nigeria alone as if the rest of our country does not even exist.

Yet why am I not surprised? After all as far as Buhari is concerned the people of southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt are nothing but low-lifes, vassals and slaves who are only relevant at the time of a presidential election.

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