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Buharinomics: BBC Hardtalk Grills Fashola With Tough Questions

Babatunde Fashola, the minister of works and infrastructure was grilled on BBC Hardtalk by host Stephen Sackur.

Sackur who is known to be unforgiving in his interviews did not take it easy with the “Super Minister”.

Sackur kicked off the interview by reminding Fashola that the Buhari administration is yet to defeat Boko Haram and provided facts from several international agencies which claim the region is now in more disarray than under the previous government.
Fashola denied the claims and said that Boko Haram had indeed been defeated, and was attacking soft targets in its retreat, a similar claim which was severally made by officials under the Jonathan administration.

Sackur also reminded the Minister of his promise to provide 6,000 Megawatts by the end of the year, and provided statistics which showed the country was producing sub-optimally and probably could not meet the target anytime in the distant, talkless of near future.
Fashola blamed the failure in the power sector on the activities of saboteurs.

He also claimed that the Niger Delta Avengers would soon stop blowing up pipelines and that the militant group was talking tough only to gain the attention of the Buhari administration.

Asked about whether Nigerians trust government officials like himself , who has been exposed to have spent $400,000 (N160 million) on a personal website, Fashola went on the defensive, quipping “I have already responded to those allegations.”

See the video below:

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