Burundi to start releasing pardoned inmates next week, Minister

Burundi to start releasing pardoned inmates next week, Minister

Burundian Justice Minister Laurentine Kanyana, on Monday said the release of pardoned inmates mentioned during the president’s message to the nation at the New Year Day will start next week.

“The operation of releasing pardoned inmates is being prepared.

“A commission has been set to identify inmates who are entitled to benefit from the presidential pardon.

“We will launch the release of the first batch of inmates next week on Jan. 16 or 17,’’ Kanyana said.

In his message to the nation for the New Year 2017, Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza announced his pardon to at least 2,500 inmates whose jail sentence was less than five years and who behaved well during their detention period.

According to Kanyana, the commission has already set up a list of beneficiaries of the presidential pardon.

“After the identification of the pardon beneficiaries, we are preparing how to take pardoned inmates to their families,’’ she said.

She indicated that some inmates were detained far from their homes and would therefore need transportation.

She added that the provincial administration would then take released inmates to their home villages.

“Before sending the released inmates to their home villages, they will first undergo civic and patriotic education and will receive some pieces of advice so that they can be better integrated in the community,’’ Kanyana said. (dpa/NAN)

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