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Carmelo And La La Anthony to split $200m Over Separation

When, not if Carmelo or La La Anthony pull the divorce trigger, there will be a road map on how they will divide their $200 plus million fortune.

According to TMZ, sources connected to the couple tell us they signed a prenup before getting hitched in 2010.

The prenuptial agreement swings Carmelo way more than it does for La La, and for obvious reasons. He in the middle of a $124 million contract with the Knicks and has earned north of $200 in his career.

Melo has a lot more in finances, being a top brand ambassador to the Jordan brand and Foot Locker.

In comparison, La La was making money as an MTV VJ when they met and has continued to work through the marriage as an actress, model and producer, but obviously, she’s made way less than him.

All that said, prenups are not necessarily airtight and are frequently challenged by the person who ends up with the short end of the stick.

These challenges almost always result in a settlement where the person with the money antes up more than required under the written agreement.

One other thing. Some prenups actually include “cheating clauses,” which entitle the non-cheating party to more money if the spouse strayed.


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