Christians and Maltreatment of Maids, By Osaremen Ehi James

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At my local RCCG place of worship, a provincial headquarters in Lagos, it is a common thing to see families, especially women and their kids dressed gorgeously.

However, accompanying them are teenagers or under-teens dressed like those from war-torn Syria or Libya Slave Market, apparently their maids.

These maids are spotted during the service dozing off, obviously from being ‘brutally’ used at home doing ‘imaginary and endless’ home chores.

At a church service in one of the Sundays of December 2017, a woman sitting two rows away from mine signalled her ‘maid’ sitting beside me to get her phone across to her in order to take selfie in church. I asked myself, ‘is her phone now too heavy for her to need a maid to
hold for her?’

One thing that still amazes me is ‘why do we come to the house of God, which should be a place of love, to show how wicked we are?’

If someone can be that wicked to a maid in the house of God, one can only imagine what the house help goes through at home.

This and others make me wonder the kind of Christianity we practise in this part of the world. The religion is meant to show love, but those that practice it do otherwise.

Church leaders tell their members not to have anything to do with fellow Christians from other denominations for selfish reasons. Being in a gathering of people from other religion(s) is even seen as a taboo.

Interestingly, these so called men of God grab every opportunity to
laugh, wine and dine with ‘people of the world’, especially
politicians, who we all know in Nigeria are not near God-fearing.

Back to my main point, will it be a sin if a maid is treated like
one’s child – eat good food, attend good schools, wear good cloths and others?

Don’t forget, some parents leave their children in the hands of these maids to take care of. Now, how will a maid that has been made worthless not pass his/her frustration on the kids?

I hope clerics will look into this issue and warn their members to
stop giving bad name to Christianity.

On my own part, I will surely take this issue up with my church
leadership. Our lives must reflect the lifestyle of Jesus Christ.
After all, Christians were first called so in Antioch (in present day Turkey) because their lifestyles reflected Christ.

*Osaremen Ehi James is a Lagos-based journalist. He can be reached via
[email protected]


John is a University of Lagos-trained, tech-savvy journalist with an uncanny nose for news. His views are always the end products of a deliberate search for information and knowledge. He has read almost every novel written by Chinua Achebe, Jeffrey Archer and Dan Brown. He is an expert Scrabble and draughts player who is also excellent at swimming. If you know the capitals of 45 African countries by heart, then you are exactly like him.

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