Cleric Recounts shocking Ordeals Christians Face in Iraq

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Even after the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, the persecution of Christians in the most turbulent region in the Middle East is still at its peak.

An Iraqi priest who goes by the name, Father Daniel visited the UK earlier in the week to submit a petition that was signed by 800,000 people seeking help with the UK government.

In his interview with, he stated

“It is really hard to support any side. If you support any side the other side will persecute you. We are in the middle. We cannot support any side.”

The petition which is called The Open door ‘Hope for the Middle East’ is a petition that calls for a new plan in helping not just persecuted Christians in the Middle-Eastern region but also minorities who are equally facing the same ordeal.

According to, “This petition has been welcomed by the government MPs in Westminster, who agree something needs to be done to help Christians in the Middle East.”

Father Daniel urged foreign government to help look into this vicious act against the Christians in the Middle-East;

“Please. We are asking all the governments to take action. I am saying action now because there is no time. Many Christians are leaving because their homes and towns and cities are destroyed.

Christians no longer feel safe as they have to flee their homes and cities which are being destroyed.

Father Daniel added that Christians should stay strong as they are still natives of the country.

“I would say: stay strong. We are still the native people of this country and we can still build it. We are presenting the example of love and peace. 

“Even though our number today is very small, we still have more than our size. In this country, our country, who is going to be the next example of peace and love? ISIS or Al Qaeda or radical groups?”


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