Couple who married, 21 years ago, as man and wife, renew their vows as same-sex couple

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A couple, Denise and Kristiana Taylor who were once married as man and woman in 1996 are renewing their vows as a same-sex couple.

But five years ago Kristiana, who was born a man, revealed she wanted to transition into a woman. 

Denise supported the decision and the couple, who have one son Stephen, 14, are now renewing their vows as a same sex.

Kristiana, 49, who left school at 16 to join the Royal Navy and served in the Gulf War, said:

“We both get to wear the dress this time. It’s a blessing and a celebration of the 60-odd people that are invited, saying thank you for the support as we’re so thankful.

The midwife said: “I had my suspicions for quite some time…It was a relief more than anything.

The way I saw it was that the inside’s not changing, and that’s what I married – so the outside didn’t make much difference.” The couple, of Kent, will renew their vows later this year on the 17th of August.

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