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5 Crazy new tips to turn up your sex life

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This is going to be exciting! Okay, we all refrain from talking about what gets us excited because we never want to be judged. Well today, let us talk about sex, let us talk about how to make it a lot more interesting and exciting for those who dare! Lets go;

Once in a while, get selfish
Take turns to be the center of attraction. This is super exciting for the person who is getting all the pleasure ofcourse. You and your partner should decide on who should be getting all the pleasure for the day. Hence, it gives you time to know your partners body and what stimulates them more. The next person will go the next day or the next hour, whatever road you have decided to follow. Go on, try it.

Stimulate yourselves in new ways
For the guys, you have probably stimulated the vagina with your fingers or tongue but have you tried with your penis–it is not just for going into a hole you know. Stimulate the clitoris with the tip of your penis and also, just in case you have not tried the other stimulation methods, you should–now!
For the girls, errr stimulating a guy is easy I guess, just take your clothes off yourself slowly or dance (lol). I can’t get really vulgar here so I will assume you will research on these new X-rated methods.

Disable a sense or two
You know when a sense such as the eyes is disabled other senses become very sharp. Now, take it up a notch, let her listen to something soft. As you work that body, I bet you will never see a body so lit for you! Every touch and kiss and rub and grab just becomes so electrifying!!!

Sexting from different rooms
Text about sex! You know what is more exciting? Talking about sex and just being across rooms. You both keep turning yourself on through sex and wait for one person to give in.

Masturbate in front of each other
For the square pegs in a round whole, you can try it. Anyone can do it anyway. Imagine the thoughts of being so naughty with your own body right in front of your partner. This could also reveal what your partner likes. This especially shows the guys what their partner likes to be touched, the intensity, the pace and all.

So I hope with these thoughts of mine, your sex life gets a lot more intense.

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