Deposition Threat: You Are Joking – Olubadan Fires Back At 21 Obas

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For threatening to sanction his removal, the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji has told the 21 newly crowned traditional rulers in the kingdom to do their worst.

The Olubadan has been at loggerheads with the Oyo State Government led by Governor Abiola Ajimobi for reviewing the Ibadan Chieftaincy Declaration and creating the posts of 21 new beaded crowns in the kingdom. The Olubadan had therefore refused to recognise the new Obas, who were formerly High Chiefs and Baales under his rule.

But in a Monday press briefing, the new Obas had threatened to request the deposition of the Olubadan for highhandedness and incitement of the people against the state government.

However, in a Tuesday press statement, the Olubadan described the call for his removal as an affront to the people of Ibadan and end of the year entertainment programme.

“By custom and tradition, no Olubadan has been recommended for removal from office by any high chief or group of high chiefs at any time and my own reign will not be an exception. At least, we have received applications from families of about four of the embattled high chiefs asking for their immediate replacement. But, like a prodigal son, we hope that they would sooner than later renounce the unrecognized crowns and return to the warm embrace of their father as the palace door is perpetually open. The high chiefs are hereby advised to emulate high chiefs in other places, who are not wearing crowns but still earn respect of their people for peace and progress to reign supreme in the land,” the Olubadan said.

The Oba, through his media aide, Adeola Oloko, added that the 21 new beaded crowns were unknown to Oyo State Chieftaincy Laws.

The Olubadan further said that contrary to insinuations, there was no time that the High Chiefs were prevented from attending or actively participating in palace activities, adding that they chose to stay away in a bid to pursue multiple crowns and cheap royalties.

The Olubadan advised the new beaded crowns to wait till the matter is decided by the Oyo State High Court.

The case is set to be heard on Wednesday, December 13.


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