PHOTOS: Donald Trump’s Administration Suffers Another Massive Protest Against Govt.

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The United States president, Donald Trump’s administration has suffered another setback as Americans trooped out yet again to express their dissatisfaction at the choice of their leader.

Hundreds of American protesters trooped out to register their greiviances against the government on the US President’s Day holiday.

The protesters who called for the impeachment of the newly sworn in United states president were chanting ‘Not My President’s Day’ during the rallies which held around the world.

The Washington DC rally which held at the Dupont Circle witnessed critics with placards kicking against the president calling him a “mockery”, “liar” and “fraud”.

Protesters were also heard chanting ‘stand up fight back,’ with placards also kicking against the ‘Muslim travel ban’.

Some other slogans on the placards carried by protesters read ‘illegitimate’, ‘We are the people’ and ‘not my values, not my president.’

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