#EndSARS: Police Arrests 32 Members Over Rape Allegations, others

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32 members of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS) are currently being held in Abuja, where they have been moved over the weekend, for crimes ranging from theft and extortion to rape and assault.

Inspector General of police Ibrahim Idris has taken charge of the case and is actively investigating the charges with an elite team of detectives. The assistant commissioner of police for SARS, Yusuf Kolo was unavailable for comments.

According to theCable, Kolo said that his job is “purely operational and investigative in nature”

Jimoh Moshood, force public relations officer, on the other hand has confirmed the arrests but is not disclosing any other details about the case. “I am aware of their investigation but I don’t know the number of people involved, the nature of the investigation is such that if possible, the persons involved would be arrested.” he said.

The coterie of SARS personnel, all men, have been denied access to the outside world based on orders from their superiors. At the moment they are being held at the SAR’s quarter in Guzape, Abuja.

This development has caused a nationwide movement to push for the department to be disbanded based on the alleged actions of its members against citizens.


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