Enoch Adeboye: Accept The Whole Truth

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Memorise: For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line; line upon line; here a little, and there a little:
Isaiah 28:10
Read: Isaiah 28:9-10
Bible in one year: Hosea 1-4

Action point: Faithfulness is partly determined by your level of obedience to the Word. Ask God for the grace to be truly faithful to Him.

Besides hearing the Word and meditating on it, you can also build up your faith by genuine spiritual experiences. For instance, testimonies of others can help to encourage you to the point of delivering your own testimonies. God can repeat whatever He has done irrespective of the age or dispensation. This is why you must not hide God’s goodness or faithfulness in your life. Do you know that when you share your testimony and others key into it and trust God for theirs and God answers them, you will be rewarded? Not necessarily by the fellow who received his or her miracle through your testimony, but by God. You can prayerfully use the testimony of your conversion to Christ, how God healed you of a certain sickness, how you had a financial breakthrough, or even how you got to know God’s will in marriage. Send these via the internet into people’s e-mail boxes and trust God to use these to reach out to them so that they can encounter your God. Such testimonies are powerful weapons in God’s hands, hence Revelation 12:11 says it is a means to overcome satanic forces. You can meditate on true divine testimonies and they will build your faith. In addition, you can visit other brethren and share a word of hope with them and they will be lifted up in their spirits. You can build your faith when you regularly fellowship with God’s children. God can move at anytime in such a gathering.

Furthermore, after hearing and meditating on the Word, accept it just as the Spirit delivered it to you and act on it. Some people accept the Word selectively – taking those that offer great promises such as Philippians 4:19 but rejecting others like Malachi 3:10. Some accept Psalm 23 but refuse to accept 1 Peter 1:15-16. You cannot say He is your shepherd without first becoming His sheep. Do you selectively obey God’s Word? There are some people who argue that tithing is not for modern day believers and as such, they refuse to tithe, yet they want the blessings God promised Old Testament saints. It does not work like that! God’s Word is not divided. Obey every command of the Lord and you will see His promises manifesting in your life.

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