For you and you alone: Hyundai Unveils Egg-Shaped Personal Mobility Vehicle

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The Hyundai E4U looks like something out of a Pixar film. Fun and funny, it takes the form of an egg.
In fact, the Hyundai E4U makes the rider look like a newly hatched chick since the accompanying helmet is rounded as though it popped off from the top of the ‘egg.’
Nevertheless, as far as Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs) go, the Hyundai E4U is a sleek and playful alternative to typically dull designs.

It might look like something found in the film ‘Transformers’ but the Hyundai E4U functions very differently.

It moves by using a semisphere that constantly spins horizontally. Similar to how a helicopter steers, it tilts to move forward while two stabilizing wheels at the back keep it straight.
 Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether the E4U will ever be released publicly, but hopefully Hyundai will consider releasing the stunning helmet anyway.


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