“Get Out! Is It My Father’s Road?” – Ex Gov. Attah to Akpabio

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Many a public figure is in a talkative mood, and inasmuch as it is good for transparency in governance and public enlightenment…one cannot help but wonder.

The latest revelation came from the personality of the governor of Akwa Ibom, Godswill Akpabio. Speaking to Vanguard over the weekend, the governor of the Land of Promise dropped a bombshell, stating his predecessor, former Victor Attah had a lackadaisical attitude about development in the State during his  tenure.

Akpabio said,”I started with a lot of anger.  I served as commissioner for five years and I know that where I met the state is not where it ought to have been. I used my money to repair this Calabar road when I was commissioner when Obansajo was to pay a visit to the state.  I went and brought a heap of sand to try to fill potholes along the road.  So I went to the incumbent governor at that time and I said Sir, let’s do something about the road.  He said, get out, is it my father’s road?  Let him (Obasanjo) come and see how he has been neglecting Akwa Ibom.

“I said Sir, but the visitors that are coming, they would think this government is not performing.  He said, is it my business to fix federal roads?  Will you get out of this place.”

“You (Attah) could just have performed if you have the vision and sincerity.  If you have the passion and commitment, you could also have impacted on the lives of your people if you do not have ulterior motive and this has been the problem.  So I am building the state from the scratch as if Akwa Ibom was born today.  It wasn’t born today.”

Akpabio said his administration fast tracked development in the state due to his genuine anger on the lack of infrastructural development left by Attah.


“If you are not angry with the state of insecurity and the state of underdevelopment, the state of poverty in the society, if you are not angry with the lack of  development and infrastructure and if you are not angry that it is the duty of state to ensure that employment opportunity should be created for thousands of people, then you have no business in governance.  Somebody must be angry.  It is that determination and anger that spur you to greater height.”


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