Google Glass May Allow Users To Control Household Appliances

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Google Glass owners have a lot to look forward to, as their high-tech eye-wear could one day unlock the garage door, turn on lights and coffee makers, and even control the TV.

A new patent filed by tech giant Google shows that the company has applied for the rights to an application called “Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions Device.”

What does this entail? Basically all of the cool stuff you’ve ever seen in every sci fi movie ever.

Google Glass will display a virtual panel that will show all appliances in the house, and allow you to control them.

The device would find and project controls for various appliances as you view them, and allow users to interact with these virtual controls without actually having to manually adjust those devices.

The following example is taken from the patent application:

“For example, the wearer may touch a location on the refrigerator where a virtual button in the virtual control interface appears. The wearable computing device may recognize this touching motion as a control instruction and transmit the control instruction to the target device.”

The system would work by picking up the interface of the appliance, like a bluetooth device, and then superimpose this interface onto the Glass. The user would be able to see the options for whatever they are looking at and adjust accordingly.

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