Former Nigerian UK Border Agent Accused Of Corruption, Enforcing Illegal Deportations


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A former UK Border Agency employee identified as Temitope Olodo has been accused of scamming unsuspecting Nigerians living in the United Kingdom.

The allegation levied by the Chairman of a UK registered political party, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, goes on to accuse Mr. Olodo of other offences including aiding government officials to illegally deport Nigerians from the UK.

The weighty allegations were contained in an emailed statement sent to The Herald by George Otumu, an American-based PR consultant to the Party.

The statement reads in part, l.

The statement continues, “Like a Chameleon that hardly change his skin, under another shrouded mystery he was no longer sighted in UKBA since May 2010, after which he
tags himself a ‘Consultant/Contractor on Preventive Terrorism’.

“This means going by his Resume’s content, Temitope Olodo has been a major enemy of Nigerians in UK and Nigeria since June 2007 through May 2010 when he worked with United Kingdom Home Office/UKBA, his job schedule was to lead Enforcement to homes of his fellow Nigerian brothers, sisters and forcefully ensured they are arrested (with tacit police support), moved into waiting vans for deportation proceedings without allowing those Nigerians access to their properties that they worked so hard to labor for in UK. Do you think those  deported Nigerians are happy or praying in their hearts for him?

“In the course of Enforcement, homes of Nigerians were busted, doors forcefully pulled down, threat unleashed on hapless Nigerians. These arrested Nigerians were not given rights to fair hearing or good legal representation, but denied their basic rights to life, freedom, association, movement and expression which basically contravenes the
United Nations Treaty Article 1, 3,5,9,13,15 of  Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR 1948 and  African Charter.”

The Party presented a statement from two Nigerians living in the UK whom they say were victimized by the activities of the man they label “Nigeria’s Most Foremost Enemy In The UK”.

Relying on the words of Victor Ewroh, a 37 year old Nigerian with Home Reference Number E1080030 who was forcefully picked from his home by this same agent of UKBA, driven to Oakington Underground cell, dehumanized, tortured for 150 days, transferred to Scotland Dungavel Center, he says:
“Enforcement team in UK Home Office and UKBA are dangerous, deceitful and would never be your friends because their conscience is reeled with evil.
They have no single human feelings. Worse still, you will observe that your fellow Nigerians are parts of the Enforcement team that busts into your house, pull down your door and ensure you are taken away against your will without any fair hearing. They are evil.

His words: “After my door was pulled down and the Enforcement teal led UKBA to forcefully take me away from my home, without showing me any warrant of arrest, by that time I noticed a Nigerian among them due to his accent whose name I could not recollect, I knew some Nigerians are Judas, ready to do anything to sell out their own brothers/sisters because of pounds sterling. I was Physically Tortured for 150 Days, Dehumanized, Transferred to Scotland Dungavel Center. Before been transferred, I was
denied food for those numbers of days, stripped naked, humiliated for no-just cause, simply because I am a Nigerian looking good on British soil. This incident happened when I arrived home after I left a movie theater. This has left a huge scar on my back and forever I would never ever forget how wicked and inhuman these UK Border Agency can be.
Oakington case team set me up because of their plans to cover their Satanic agenda against Commonwealth citizens in UK. It was an act of injustice against Commonwealth citizens. I would never forget 02/07/2008 when all these torment on me began in Oakington.”

Similarly, Damilola Dada Daniel, a Nigerian born 12-08-1971 the sad story was indifferent. He had Home Reference Number Y1080305 and narrated his ordeal in hands of Enforcement team from UKBA regarding how he was arrested from his house, later tortured into excessive high blood pressure. He stated that he arrived Britain mid 2000, he had all his
papers regularized and kept a quiet lifestyle. Due to his great accomplishment in his chosen career, his racist neighbours who were predominantly White-British had to call the UK Border Agency to report him on crimes he knew nothing about, strictly due to envy and he was shocked to see few Nigerians with accent as parts of the Enforcement team :
“Nigerians working or who earlier worked with UKBA are enemies of the Nigerian people since they always like to show themselves been active part of their Enforcement team. Whenever you see them, kindly avoid them. They are worse than the Devil. The door of my house was busted. I was picked up in my house by six hefty armed UK Border Agency without any warrant of arrest, handcuffed, while two Nigerians were part of the Enforcement team.
I knew they were Nigerians through their expressions. I asked them to allow me to call my lawyer, all my pleas fell on their deaf ears. I was not allowed to pick any of my properties, but was driven straight into Oakington where I was excessively tortured severally until I began to have High Blood Pressure. I was detained for 38days and tortured at will. When
a doctor in Oakington checked my blood pressure on 27/07/2008, he said I had 153/100 that I was supposed to be dead, yet no remedy was given to my health.”

In her reaction, Professor Alexia Thomas, the Chairman of the Commonwealth Liberation Party had this to say, “This Temitope Olodo is a scam, an enemy of Nigeria. Why will he call an arrangee, edited, make-belief fake broadcast AIL TV. That shows he is an impostor hiding under AIT TV decoy through imitation. The aim is deliberately to brainwash Nigerians, fool Nigerians in Diaspora in his concocted tales laced in tissue of lies. We know of his antecedents in UK Home Office. Why did he apply for job with our Independent Diplomat Commission after he claimed he worked last with UKBA on May 2009-May 2010 and was placed on an Annual salary of 40,000 Pounds? We have his full
Resume/Carrier profile with us which he sent us in his desperate bid to covertly get information from us. In the past days, he has again sent us letters begging, requesting that we pay him 10,000 Pounds. He is a hungry man and we will place him on a salary of 3,000 pounds every month to meet his social security needs so that his head will be correct. We will expose him to Nigerian people for them to know his true identity. It is very clear from his activities that he is an enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians.
Truth is: Nigerians in Diaspora should be weary and avoid encounter with a man like this, so as not to contaminate them with his ill-luck and derange them by his manipulative vices.”

Several attempts to reach Mr. Olodo for his own version of the story were unsuccessful.

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