Guide To Buying Used Cars In Nigeria

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Purchasing a brand new car is the most reliable automobile option to make but considering the power of the nation’s currency against the dollar and the present economic condition in the country, one can easily get a good deal from purchasing used cars, an option which seem to be the order of the day.

However, in purchasing a used car, especially in Nigeria, there are several factors to consider ranging from the type of car you wish to purchase to the amount you have in your pocket.

The state of the vehicle is perhaps the most important part of the decision making factors which is proudly followed by the amount you have to forgo in acquiring the vehicle. In this article, we have listed a few things to consider when purchasing a ‘fairly used’ used car in Nigeria without running into regrets.

1. Know your budget:

Knowing how much you have to spare is the first decision you have to make when planning on getting a used vehicle as this is the power you have to bargain and purchase the vehicle you dream of. Most often than not, it is better to keep a little over the market price of the used vehicle in case of some other contingencies.

2. Know the type of car you want:

Like every other purchases, it is important that you know what you want and how best it will serve you as this point can either make the car a convenience or a pain, depending on how bad your score is on this point. For a family person, getting a two door vehicle which will compromise the convenience of your family -depending on how big it is- may not be the best option when you can get a space bus for almost the same amount, choosing a car needs to be based on your needs and not the looks or specs alone.

3. Locate a trusted seller or re-seller:

This point can not be over-emphasized as you don’t want to be caught in possession of a stolen vehicle. It is important that you locate a credible car dealer who has a name and can vouch for the quality and source of the vehicle you are about to purchase.

4. Get a trusted Car Mechanic:

Buying used cars in Nigeria is not all about the body and general outlook of the vehicle as the engine matters a whole lot. Getting yourself a trusted mechanic to accompany you for the purchase will save you a whole lot of stress and after purchase cost as there are some vehicles on sale which have great body and physical attributes but the engines are worse than scraps.

The need to be accompanied by a skilled and trustworthy car mechanic can not be overemphasized.

5. Get Your Original Documents

Following the purchase of a certified okay vehicle, it is important that you get all the required vehicle documents which identifies you as the owner of the vehicle which you just purchased. Getting a receipt is also advisable as a means of payment should issues arise following the purchase of your vehicle.

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