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Gyan lands In hot water over haircut in UAE

Ghana international and former Sunderland striker, Asamoah Gyan has been fined by the UAE Football Association for having “unethical hair”.

Gyan, 31, is contracted to Shanghai SIPG but is currently in the midst of a loan spell at Ah Ahli.

He has fallen foul of local rules, however, apparently due to his mohawk hairstyle.

Some interpretations of Islam deem that ‘Qaza’ styles of haircuts, which leave part of the head shaved but other parts unshaven, are banned.

The Ghana international attacker is one of more than 40 players to have been punished for the crime.

It is not the first time that haircuts have caused controversy in the Gulf region, with Waleed Abdullah, a goalkeeper for Saudi Arabi, having been told to chop his “un-Islamic” locks before turning out for Al Shabab.

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