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He Needs Milk: White Dude Tries To Eat African Flatmate’s Dinner, Ends Up In Hospital

Yesterday evening, a twitter user with the handle @MsNemah shared an hilarious experience of her flatmate having a bit of pepper soup and ending up in the hospital.

According to her, she was having pepper soup for dinner and her flatmate wanted to try some, after explaining to him that it was on the hot side, the oyinbo man decided to take on the herculean task. He took the first sip which he seemed to enjoy and then 3 minutes into downing the soup, he began to cry, saying he was about to pass out.

They ended up at the Emergency Room, where he was going to be treated for Food Poisoning according to the nurses at the Beaumont Surgical Emergency Room.


@MsNemah was also escorted home by the police to bring the Ingredients she used in cooking the soup. She was let go on the conditions that she stopped by at the Police Station for 3 consecutive days and to see her GP immediately. The spices were seized from her and she was told to eat the same thing again to confirm it wasn’t poisoned.

At the time of writing this post, the Oyinbo flatmate was already at home.

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