Subsidy Money Awoof In Abuja: Lifestyles of the Thieves And Shameless (Photospeak)

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Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey, however some Nigerians are more Italian than others. These are the crowd that use the ill gotten gains from the treasury to acquire Italian supercars, like the infamous “Bugatti Boys”, sons of current and former PDP chairmen that are facing trial for subsidy fraud.

Some of these cars cost about N400 million per vehicle.

They use their connections and parental influence to start record labels, oil and gas companies, and other ventures founded on corruption and fraud, then they deceive many into thinking they worked hard for their money. Many of these car owners have never broken a sweat in any kind of hustle.

They are pampered rich kids of the political elite, or they are hooked to the political elite usually by crooked means.

Well they got together recently for a car show, enjoy these telling images of the National cake shared by a private few:



img 3


img 4




img 8



IMG 10




image 2









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