HIV/AIDS: Foundation wants China to increase contribution $1bn

HIV/AIDS: Foundation wants China to increase contribution $1bn

A non-governmental organisation, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has appealed to the Government of China to increase its contribution to the global funding of HIV and AIDs care to one billion dollar.
Mrs Oluwakemi Gbadamosi, the organisation’s Senior Manager, Public Relation and Communications, African Bureau, made the appeal in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday.
Gbadamosi said that China, the second largest economy in the world, had only pledged 18 million dollars to fund the project.
According to her, China makes a lot of money from its trade and investment deals in Africa but has continued to perform ‘abysmally’ in funding the global HIV and AIDs project.
“I want to also urge the Nigerian government to increase domestic funding for HIV and AIDS response because the global fund saves millions of lives annually targeting resources to HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria.
“The Nigerian government should tow the path of South Africa by increasing domestic funding and take issues of accountability more seriously.



“At the last replenishment cycle, China which is the second largest economy in the world only pledged 18 million dollars.
“Japan and UK, who are the third and fifth largest economies, pledged 800 million and 171 million dollars, respectively,” Gbadamosi said. (NAN)

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