How I Met Bae – Nigerian Male Barbie, Bobrisky

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Self styled Nigerian male barbie doll and bleaching expert, Bobrisky, born Idris Okuneye has narrated how he met the love of his life.

Recall that Bobrisky had earlier revealed that he dresses like a woman to get sales for his product adding that he has never come forward to claim he’s gay.

In another interview, the controversial character has narrated how he met his boyfriend whom according to him gave him the sum of N1million to share with friends about 2 years ago.

Bobrisky narrated: “I actually met with bae two years ago, and we met in Abuja. That morning, my friend (Tolu) called me that she has an interview in Abuja that would I love to follow her?

I said no, but she insisted Idris let’s go. Then I was still very dark ‘I was Chocolate’. So I went to Abuja.

So, my friend’s boyfriend lodged us at Transcorp Hotel in Abuja, the guy happens to like me because I am very close to his girlfriend.

That same night, bae happened have a party in Transcorp, we went for dinner and so I saw bae ordering for plenty food for his guest. And way back then I was a very shy person. So bae looked at me and said ‘baby boy how are you’, so I responded, I said I am fine sir.

He now said, ‘how old I am’, I smiled. He said which school did you attend and I was really really shy because I saw him with plenty police all over him and I was scared, but my friend Tolu left me with him.

Then bae asked after my parent and why I was in Abuja, after all the questions and answers he left me to go to my room and gave me his number and said he would like to talk to me the next day.

The following morning he asked me who Tolu was and so I told him Tolu was my elder sister, he asked for her full name and gave her 1 million cheque that both of us should share.

It was like a dream. We got to Lagos and share the money.”


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