How Covenant University Alumni’s Ground Breaking Invention Will Make Life Easier For Many #NepalessIron

How This Covenant University Alumnus Ground Breaking Invention Will Make Your Life Easier #NepalessIron

Bishop David Oyedepo has always said the mission institutions of higher learning his mission began establishing just over 13 years ago are for the creation of expert thinkers, solution providers and world changers.

Ayokunle Adeniran also known as Sean, a graduate of one of these schools – Covenant University – has emerged one of the visible proofs of that claim consistently made by the Chancellor for over a decade.

The Mechanical Engineering Graduate, who is now an Engineer with a Queens, NY based firm may have solved one of the biggest problems of Nigerian youth.

Imagine its 6am on a Monday, you have an appointment by 830 am in Victoria Island. You live in Oregun and can possibly beat some traffic to make it there just in time. Only one problem… your dress shirt is rumpled. I mean the creases in that thing make it look like a swimming pool, assuming its an aqua blue dress shirt. Thankfully there is power supply from the Ikeja Disco but just as you finish ironing the collar and proceed to tackle the rest of the shirt, the DISCO ceases to supply power. At this point, you know you’re in trouble as many Nigerians who’ve had this be the reason they couldn’t make it to an appointment, interview, or to a Total Man Concept lecture at 9am or stab Chapel service on Wednesday morning.

Whilst it may be that not every Nigerian has this problem, after all many  have generators or patronize drycleaners that help to avert this particular problem, nevertheless Mr. Adeniran’s groundbreaking innovation stands as a clear beacon of hope to the myriad of everyday challenges confronting tens of millions of Nigerians and Africans at large. His #NEPALESSIron as he likes to call it is a pressing iron that uses an inbuilt heating process patented by him to iron clothing without recourse to electricity.

Sean has always been known by his colleagues to be very inventive and enterprising, as a student he did everything from building prototype cars to helping students repair gadgets and even designing and selling lecture notebooks to pay for his tuition and other educational requirements. The now successful NY based engineer has not lost his passion for creating, designing and engineering with a hope to make life easier for a people desperately in need of solutions.


One alumni who graduated in 2009 said, “There were festive periods (even Christmas) where he would remain in school, working, thinking and innovating. Dreaming even. He didn’t have access to some of the basic luxuries most students had such as even a family to go home to during the holidays, so he would just do what he knows best…create.”

Covenant University provides a haven for students who want to utilize their creative juices. There is a conducive atmosphere for learning and there is virtually electricity 24 hours a day, all year round. These are some of the factors that contributed to Sean’s success. It also helped that the Chancellor, often called controversial by section of the public that do not identify his vision, continuously hammered into the students’ leadership skills and prophetic declarations that the next generation of world changers would emerge from within their ranks.

Mr. Adeniran and his innovation are a testament to this fact.

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