Inside Bentley’s Future Tech ‘Bentayga’ Production Room

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Volkswagen Group almost gave in to the pressure by building its future tech automobile, the Bentley ‘Bentayga’, outside Bratislava, United Kingdom, which would make it the first Bentley to be built outside the UK.

Bentley bentayga_01

The future tech Bentley which is expected to be priced at £160,200 or in the USA at $185,000 spots the world’s only 12-cylinder engine.

bentley bentayga_12

The SUV boasts of a good 600bhp and a massive 664lb ft of torque. Powered by the light and more efficient W12 engine, the Bentayga which is hand-assembled in Crewe boasts along with its specifications of an excellent craftsmanship and clinical finishing.

Bentley bentayga_02

The Bentayga is morphed out excellently from a Slovakian skeleton with a body made of core aluminium which is sourced from Bratislava, the overall design gives it an exquisutely sinple yet elegant look as it frees the model of design clutters.

Bentley bentayga_05

Bentley bentayga_14

With the interior made from the diamond quilted leather seats (made in-house by Bentley), the automobile boasts of three delicate rows of beautifully tactile knurling on the vent controls, gearlever and clock bezel all made from real alloy.

Bentley bentayga_03

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