Lagos Cult boys Kill Leader While Asleep

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A Cult  leader popularly known as Major, is said to be behind the initiation of Eiye boys in Shomolu and Bariga areas of the state has allegedly been killed by his fellow Eiye cultists, while he slept at  his home in Taiwo off Rashida Kotun Street Idiaba, Bariga, Lagos.


According to investigation, it was said that his assailants sneaked into his house and stabbed Major in the chest and other parts of his body, adding that they knew that was the only way they could attack and kill him.


According to one of the boys who spoke to new telegraph, the Chairman, Shomolu local government after the peace talk gave the Eiye group N10,000, other people said it was N500,000 he gave them to share after his visit to the paramount ruler. However, the Eiye Confraternity had two factions fighting over leadership.


“One of the boys named Bajio from a faction collected the money and Major who claimed to be the top leader and initiator of all the Eiye boys in Shomolu and Bariga told Bajio to give him the money but Bajio refused.


Major was angry over Bajio disrespect in public so he gave Bajio a punch on his mouth and blood gushed out from his lips. Angered by the public humiliation by Major, Bajio, now at large, who is of the same Eiye cult group with Major decided to take revenge. It was learnt that he organised his friends of same group and they attacked and stabbed Major to death in his sleep”


One of Major’s  friends who requested anonymity while describing Major said: “After graduating from Unilag, Major returned to his father’s house in Ilaje and started the Eiye cult where he initiated all the Eiye boys in Shomolu and Bariga. His gang and the Aiye boys were always fighting and causing mayhem in the community. Major with the assistance of one Ibrahim aka Small Japron who has been remanded in prison custody, fought with the Aiye boys and many Aiye boys were murdered.

Property worth millions of naira were destroyed in their supremacy battle for control in the community and they killed their rivals without mercy.


“The Shomolu local government Chairman tried to make peace with them since he was sworn in. The Eiye boys are seen in the local government trying hard to be the only group close to the Chairman. There will be reprisals over the murder.”


Speaking on the activities of cultists in the area, a police source said: “There are many cultists in Shomolu and Bariga areas. They love to control the LGA. The two cult groups are the Aiye and Eiye Confraternities. Hardly can you find a young man in the community that does not belong to Aiye or Eiye. These two groups have been at loggerheads with each other. Their supremacy fight over control of motor parks, dredging sites, okada riders and petty businesses has resulted in bloodshed and destruction.


“More than 20 young men have been killed in the last six years. These cultists have instilled fear in residents and though their parents know that their sons are members, they shield them from arrest. These cultists have killed community leaders who spoke against them.

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