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Lead City University is an institution that stands out among many others, a university that ensures proper dissemination of knowledge to students and proper academic and social coordination. Saying that Lead City University is a den of “yahoo boys” is not only a statement that lacks the accuracy of truth, but is also void of understanding and common sense.

Take for example, Lead City University population doesn’t total 2, 000 and out of the about ‘two thousand students’, I say they have up to 1, 200 boys. Now the statistics goes this way: federal universities not to mention names, have a population of about ‘70, 000 students’ and out of the ‘70, 000 students’, about 40, 000 of them are guys. Following this, if you want to choose where these so called ‘yahoo boys’ will be mostly you would not talk about Lead City University at all.

Our message to everyone out there is that Lead City University, Ibadan is the best among thousands and as a result we are being criticized and run down. Seeing is believing, come and see for yourself what Lead City University truly is and stands for. Don’t join fools in spouting nonsense and false information about this great citadel of learning “Lead City University”, Ibadan.

To say the school is a den of fraudsters, is a one sided statement lacking perspective and insight. I seriously doubt the status of any so-called student, who would make such one sided claim. Lead City University like any other school is a place where regardless of your mission, skills, choices and inclinations; there are always others with whom you will find harmony and fellowship.

Let me call your attention to the school’s recent achievement; in December 2013 the school conducted its 7th and 8th matriculation where a host of first class students were convocated. That same December the school took part in the fifth Nigerian Private University Games NPUGA in JABU Osun state, where we came third on the medal table. On the 14th of April to 16 April 2014, the university organised a three day intra-university debate of which was an eye opener to many universities.

To those who are here to read, the library is no stranger, to those who live for sport, the sport complex has become a second home; to those who are more into socials and belligerent behaviors, the crowd is there to follow. These are traits of common to universities, and it is the ability to live through all this, past the temptation to party when you should be at your books that shapes the mind and turns the adolescent into an adult fit and ready for the challenges of the society. But to judge the whole school from one side is like a blind leap into a busy road.

The puzzle here is that students who enjoy the academic nurturing, who go out and taint the school; name and image. And those who say nothing actually deny the school after graduation forgetting that the value of their certificate is backed by the value of the school’s name. As students of Lead City University it is time we reject this notion that the school is bad, because in all honesty the grass is never greener on the other side.

The school is not far from perfect, but as a student, look around the school and you will see that Lead City University is striving to achieve perfection. What have you done to assist? Using the words of the late American president John F. Kennedy ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school.

Long Live Lead City University!



Essien Bill Idongesit .O.



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