Man City star buys struggling Belgian Club

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While most footballers splash their cash on women, cars and other flashy goods, Vincent Kompany has opted to buy the struggling Belgian third division side FC Bleid.

With a record of two wins and 19 defeats from their 25 matches so far this season, the Brussels club sit rock bottom of the D3B division and 16 points from safety.

But that has not deterred Kompany, who sees the investment as a social project as well as a footballing one.

Aside from basic philanthropy, the Manchester City captain is using this as a “social commitment towards the youngsters of Brussels”.

On a new website,, Kompany outlined his reasons for buying into FC Bleid and his plans to bring the club forward for the good of the region.

The Brussels side will be renamed, will have a new logo selected as well as new kits and a new slogan.

And Kompany encouraged ordinary members of the public, whether fans of the club or not, to come forward and put their ideas towards the project, beginning with suggestions for a new club name.

It is not yet known how much weight in cash Kompany has put behind FC Bleid, or how much hands-on time he will spend on the club.

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