70-year-old Man Commits Crime To Avoid Living With His Wife

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A man was reported to have robbed the Bank of Labor branch and stayed put with his $3,000 loot as he made no attempt to run away until the Kansas City police arrived at the scene.

The 70-year-old man who was subsequently sent to jail following the criminal acct later disclosed that his wish had been granted.

The convict, Lawrence John Ripple was reported to have gotten into a fight with his wife and told her he’d “rather be in jail than at home.”

Following the fight, he walked into the bank and committed the offence for which he was sentenced.

According to court documents, Lawrence John Ripple handed a note to the bank’s teller demanding for money and stating that he was armed.

He thereafter proceeded to take a seat with the bank’s security guard in the bank’s lobby and also informed the security guard that he was the suspect.

Ripple upon his arrest told police officers that he could no longer cope with living under the same roof as his wife.

He was charged in a federal court on Tuesday following the incident on September 2.

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