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Man turns into dog in TB Joshua’s Church (Photos)

Wonders, they say, shall never end.  A weird clip has been uploaded to YouTube purportedly showing a young man transforming into a ‘dog’ during a deliverance session at the popular church of Lagos-based preacher T.B. Joshua.


The video, uploaded by Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, shows a man acting in an eerily bizarre fashion during a time of prayer, even to the extent of eating one of his shoes.


According to the video description, “The demon within this young Liberian man is shockingly exposed, the entirety of his features contorting to the resemblance, movement and eerie sounds of a wild dog.”


After the prayer, the man who introduces himself as Alexander Johnson, explained that his problems began after he was sexually molested by a mad woman aged six.


Thereafter, Johnson his life was characterised by frustration and a serious ‘lust’ for women. Reacting to his bizarre behaviour during the prayer, Johnson said he had no memory of what occurred.


“There is no way I could have done these things,” he asserted, insisting it was the influence of an ‘evil spirit’ and adding that he was ‘completely free’ after the prayer.


Comments on the video revealed a mixed reaction from the public, some insisting the video was nothing more than an act.


“How much did they pay you to do this acting?” wrote one viewer. “I agree there are a lot of false prophets in the world but Prophet T.B. Joshua is NOT one of them,” another argued.


This is not the first controversial video Emmanuel TV has released on YouTube. A video purportedly showing Joshua’s encounter with ‘lucifer’ recently went viral, amassing over one million views in a matter of weeks.


Joshua’s YouTube channel has over 320,000 subscribers, making it the third most viewed in Nigeria.


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