Med-View Airline pleads with aggrieved passengers over delayed luggage

Med-View Airline pleads with aggrieved passengers over delayed luggage

Med-View Airline on Thursday assured no fewer than 100 passengers whose luggage were delayed at the Gatwick Airport, London, that they would arrive Nigeria by Dec. 31

The Airline Managing Director, Mr Muneer Bankole, gave the assurance during an interactive session with the aggrieved passengers at the airline’s office in Lagos.

Bankole explained that 365 baggage were left at the London airport affecting 100 passengers, saying that adequate compensation had been given to the affected passengers.

According to him, an aircraft will depart Lagos for London on Friday morning and return same day, saying that the remaining luggage would be transported through the British Airways on Saturday.

Bankole said he felt the pains of all the “airline valued passengers’’, who were affected by the late arrival of the baggage.

“The situation happened in United Kingdom when the airline off-loaded some baggage for safety reason.

“So, the affected passengers are those who stayed with us for possible solution for their inconveniences.

“The airline and passengers ordeal started on Dec. 19 when Gatwick Airport closed the main runway for maintenance, and directed the airline to use the shorter runway.

“This was because the aircraft loads were heavier than the shorter runway, and the affected baggage were off-loaded.

“However, we accepted the blame, and we regret all the inconveniences and sincerely apologise for all the troubles they went through.

“We feel their pains, and really appreciate the patronage and we have apologised sincerely.

“We are addressing some of their needs and that is why we are here with my team,” he said.

The managing director said that some baggage arrived on Thursday, while their owners had been contacted for collection.

He said that the incidence was an unfortunate one that was not foreseen by the airline.

Bankole, therefore, assured them that the airline would take care of their accommodation, feeding and other costs that they might had suffered in the past five days. (NAN)

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