My Girlfriend’s Spirit Disturbed Me After I Killed Her Over Unwanted Pregnancy – Suspect

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A 20-year-old man, Stephen Gyang, has confessed to killing his girlfriend, Alice Samuel, over a case of unwanted pregnancy.

Gyang, of Tahoss village, Riyom LGA of Plateau State, said he killed Samuel after she confessed that he was not responsible for her pregnancy but later came back to say otherwise with prompting from her mother.

The motorcycle rider also confessed to burying her in a shallow grave to cover up his deeds.

However, he said her spirit did not allow him rest, which prompted him to reveal the incident to his elder brother.

The elder brother then told their father who informed the village chief.

Speaking with The Punch, Gyang said, “Yes , Alice Samuel was my girlfriend and we had been together for some time now. I killed her because of the pregnancy . After saying the pregnancy was not for me , she recanted and said it was mine ; that was why I killed her. I decided to bury her that night in a shallow grave that was to be used either for a pit toilet or well.

“After the incident , the spirit of Alice Samuel did not leave me ; she started disturbing me and I had to report to my brother who took the matter to my father . My father thereafter reported my predicament to the village chief .”

The Plateau State Police Commissioner, Undie Adie reportedly described the case as that of “culpable homicide”, adding that the suspect would be charged to court.


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