Nicolas Maduro Wins Venezuela’s Presidential Election

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The socialist candidate, Nicolas Maduro, who was chosen by the late Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez as his successor, has won a narrow victory election to become the newly elected President.

Before the elections, Nicolas Maduro was the Venezuela’s acting president, after the death of Chavez.

The National Electoral Council announced that the results showed Maduro had won with 50.66 percent of the vote, compared to 49.1 percent for his rival, Henrique Capriles.

Capriles demanded a recount but the Council said the results are “irreversible.” He refused to accept the result and said, “This result does not reflect the reality of the country. We will do everything so that the truth is known.”

“Mission accomplished comandante Chavez. The people fulfilled its pledge,” Maduro said in front of cheering supporters at the Miraflores presidential palace as fireworks erupted after announcing the results.

Maduro, wearing the colours of the Venezuelan flag, went further to say, “just, legal and constitutional victory” we have attained and he called for those who had not voted for him to “work together” for the country.

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