Niger Delta Avengers Make Shocking Requests From Buhari


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The Niger Delta Avengers have reportedly made a list of request to be addressed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Unconfirmed reports reveal that the group, which recently claimed responsibility for the recent bombings of the Chevron valve facility, has declared that it will “crumble the economy” unless its requests are met.

Below are its alleged requests:

  1. Immediate implementation of the report of the 2014 National Conference. Otherwise, this country will break-up forcefully.
    2. President Buhari, the DS SSS and Timipre Sylva should apologize to the people of the Niger Delta region and family of Late Chief DSP Alamieyesegha for killing him with intimidation and harassment because of his party affiliation.

    3. The ownership of oil blocks must reflect 60% for the oil producing people and 40% for the non-oil producing people.
    4. The only Nigerian Maritime University sited in the most appropriate and befitting place Okerenkoko must start the 2015/2016 academic session immediately.

    5. The minister of transportation, Mr Rotimi Amechi should apologize to the Ijaws and the entire Niger Delta people for his careless and reckless statement about the siting of the University.

    6. The Ogoniland and indeed ll oil polluted lands in the Niger Delta must be cleaned up and compensation be paid to all oil producing communities.

    7. Mr Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB must be released unconditionally as the court said.

    8. The Niger Delta Amnesty programme must be well funded and let it continue to run effectively.

    9. All APC members that are indicted in any corruption related cases should be made to face trial like the PDP members. Otherwise Buhari should shamefully forget about this nonsense anti-corruption fight.
    10. All oil multi-nationals and foreign investors should observe this ultimatum, as their business interest in the country must be first target.

    A word is enough for the wise.

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  1. A Guy! says

    What’s shocking about these requests? It’s a fair deal.

  2. Adam B says

    It’s very clear who are behind this madness…

  3. Laro says

    These Avengers are fair enough.

  4. ibrex says

    Just send soldiers to clear the Yan Iska, bloody fools.

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