Nigerians React To Hotel Room Which Costs ₦112,200 Per Night

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Nigerians on social media are in a state of hysteria after finding out that an hotel room costs ₦112,200 per night.

The massive hysteria which has caused many to give their varying opinions, mostly rebuking patronage of such luxury comes as the country has been spelled to have been plagued by recession.

With the prices of common commodities trippling their original price about a year ago, Nigerians took to their social media page to react to the luxury and expensive night offered by the hotel.

See tweet which sparked reactions below:

In reaction to the tweet which incorporated the hashtag #MondayMotivation, Nigerians expressed their shock at the expensive nature of the Hotel room.

One of the social media users who commented on the expensive nature of the room added: “You think the pure water seller is cracking jokes in the sun? You are very stupid”

Another user urged: Put out more responsible content guys. How many decent, hardworking people in Naija can get a reasonable income? Be guided.”

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