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Hate Song: Nnamdi Kanu Predicts Doom For Igbos Living In The North


The embattled leader of pro-Biafra group, the Indigenous People Of Biafra has predicted doom for Igbos living in the North.

The statement comes after the Arewa Youth Group and a Coalition of Northern Youth Groups issued a 90-day ultimatum to the Igbos living in the north.

Nnamdi Kanu whom a protest is being led against in Abuja by members of the Arewa Youth group stated that the viral hate song which was composed for the Igbos living in the north is an indication of the danger which is to come.

Reacting to the new anti-igbo hate song the leader of the group warned the Igbo people living in the North to relocate to their homeland.

Speaking with journalists at his country home in Afraukwu Umuahi, the IPOB leader stated that the viral song is nothing but a prelude to the violence which will be unleashed on Igbo people living in the north come October 1.

He stated: “I am aware of an anti-Igbo song circulating now in the North. My reaction has been to warn our people in the North that the pogrom being hatched by our enemies will come. There is an impending doom for our people living in the North.

“So, the best they can do is to leave the North and come home so that we can have our Biafra and build an economy capable of assimilating and absorbing all their potential and creative abilities.”

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