OGA AT THE TOP: Akwa Ibom Commissioner Queries Response On Akpabio Gift: “Is it because he is a nice man?”

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In Nigeria, everybody’s oga at the top is a wonderment! Glory be to Zeus and all other oga’s at the top. Whether it may be Francis I, Pope Emeritus I, or just plain ole’ Godswill Akpabio at the top, we must all remember they are oga and their will be done.

Aniekan Umana, Commissioner of Information for Akwa Ibom, remembered his oga at the top today, and came out in full force to defend him from the wrath of “(mischief makers) going to town on social media” and other platforms concerning the Governor’s weekend and special events spending habits.

The commissioner said, “I wonder why they (mischief makers) like taking on Governor Akpabio. Is it because he is a nice man?”

The commissioner said he wondered why the people could not envision with the positive economic effects  the publicity Tuface and Annie’s wedding would have on the state. He said the governor was not spending more than N3 million on travel and that it was not a delegate of party-goers but ONLY 20 less privileged members of the bride’s family.

According to the Commissioner, ”If anything the Governor should be encouraged because the galaxy of stars and people that Annie and Tuface’s wedding brought to Akwa Ibom state is good for the state’s economy and this could never have happened even with an advertisement of N3 million.”

He further added that the Governor was only providing one car as gift for the bride in order to reward her for standing by her man as a true daughter of Akwa Ibom even though the courtship had its fair shares of challenges.


In response to the statement from the commissioner who remembered his oga at the top today, a blogger, Augustine Onwukwe  had the following challenging remarks. Caveat! The remarks have been left in their original form and are unedited from source, so you will require both sides of your brain to process them:

What a flimsy excuses to squander tax payers money, some times i ask God why do i have to be a Nigerian were evil seems to be promoted/adore/worship and implemented with all impunity and they still walk away freely ops sorry! they will be giving presidential pardon. What a mess, what a country! The commissioner that spoke on the behalf of the Akwa Ibom state governor was bussy denying given two jeep and sponsouring 29 people rather accepting a jeep and 20 people to Dubai and that makes me ask, what the hell is the difference? and they are telling us that the return ticket for 20 people will only cost three million naira as if they journey is to Port Harcourt with ( Okada ) motor bike, meanwhile they didnot add the hotel bills and the cab fair in which they will use when they all landed. First let me start by saying it is a very big shame to the governor and the president that non of Dubai celebrities has ever wedded in Nigeria but our own is runing down there with families and friends to wed why because power could go off on that day or one trailer fall and block road which stop people from going to wedding, or armed robbers might even storm the venue and made away with money/gift and even their food also left some dead like they deed in our almighty MM Air Port. Some times i wounder how wicked  our leaders could be, this is no longer 70s or 80s when most of our politician where illiterate yet they deed better, but now that we have a Dr as president yet they just dont know where to start. They worst of it all is that they dont know what leadership is all about, because you always see them making blunder statement/trips/decissions etc just non of them knows that once you are a leader before you do or say things you most watch it carefully because any little wrong thing they do could cost life/destruction of properties or serious damage to our name as a people, where the hell is the role model in leadership i ask, why most the majorities of Nigerians suffer in the hands of few? fellow Nigerians, this is nothing less than recolonization from African man to fellow African and we have to rise and say capital NO, our electrict power has been an incurable epileptic patients for decades, no clean water for poor man to drink, our children schools buildings are not even good enough for poultry farm let alone human just like the police collage in Lagos, when you talk about roads, that one has been what i call government WMD ( Weapon of Mass Destruction) by the local/state and federal government which they use as a strategy to reduce our population. Finally,  i’m begging to whom it may concern to please implement those things which Una the enjoy when ever Una travel to the West or even the East so that we the fellow citizenry will enjoy them,too  ( Nobi We Kill Jesus ) Una hear!!! Long live federal republic of Nigeria !!!



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