Ozobulu Massacre: Obiano Speaks On New Information Gathered

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The Anambra state governor, Willie Obiano has stated that the state government has new information regarding the recent killings which occurred in the state.

Recall that gunmen had raided the St. Philip’s Catholic Church in Amankwa, Ozubulu, and killed a total of 13 persons with several others injured last Sunday.

Coming after the police revealed that some suspects connected to the killing have been arrested, the state governor maintained that one incident as this should not be used as a yardstick to grade the state in terms of security.

Willie Obiano while speaking to journalists in Abuja on Friday at the national Headquarters of the All Progressive Congress, APC, further noted that while the target of the gunmen who perpetrated the massacre was not found, his father was killed during the attack.

Obiano after submitting his governorship form stated: “We are taking precautions, we have a lead and the police have made some arrests and we are very confident that we will resolve the matter very soon.”

He further added that the state government has offered to pay for the medical treatment of those injured in the attack and the cost of burial of the deceased persons.

Obiano added: “We can’t use that singular incident to judge the state. We have stopped kidnapping, assassinations and all that in the state. So, whichever way you look at it, we remain a safe state.”

On his agenda for second term in office, the state governor noted that his target was to have touched the lives of everyone in the state at the end of his eight years in office.

He also expressed hope that he will win the forthcoming election in the state.

Speaking on his achievements, Obiano stated: “In agriculture, the state is doing very well and has attained self-sufficiency in rice production. We consume 320,000 metric tonnes and now we produce 375,000 metric tonnes per annum, from 80,000 metric tonne when we assumed office.

What I want to leave behind as my legacy when I leave office after eight years is to ensure that Anambra State is self-sufficient in its revenue sources so that we will not have to be waiting for Abuja to run the affairs of governance.”

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