People Thought I Was Mad To Become A Pastor – Kas

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Fi mi le crooner, Kas has revealed how his friends thought he was mad for abandoning his music career to become a pastor.

He disclosed this in an interview with Vanguard published on Sunday.

“It wasn’t just girls that sent me hate messages because I became a pastor. There was a time I was chilling in a hotel in Manchester, a friend of mine told some of my other friends that I had become a pastor and they asked if I was mad. They got really angry at me but later calmed down when I told them I would still be a musician. The only thing is that I can’t sing anything about boobs and butts again,” he said.

The singer-turned-pastor equally debunked the insinuation that he became a pastor after his music career failed.

He said, “Music worked for me a great deal, with one song I built a house, with one song I also got a place in London, I’m very OK. How did I get money to establish KAS Water? I didn’t ask my mom for the money. It was from just one song that I made all that money. People saying my music career is dead are confused, they need Jesus.”


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