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Photos: Drake Purchases Love Machine That’ll Help Him Have Sex With Multiple Women At Once

Canadian rapper, Aubrey Graham popularly known as Drake has reportedly purchased for himself a love box known as the ‘Love Machine’.

The machine according to manufacturers makes it easy for men to have sex with multiple partners at once.

The Love Machine has a series of padding located at strategic locations and could be adjusted to fit the needs of the user.

The design of the love box is in such a way that it allows a man to perform different acrobatic sex styles with multiple partners.

The purchase of the love machine comes after the rapper was accused of impregnating a stripper and forcing another woman to abort his baby.

Recall that Drake has in the past months been linked to several women including Vitiligo queen and model, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Rihanna and others.

The rapper was reported to have paid $10,000 for the machine.

See photos below:

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