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Popular Pastor Gathers Up Members’ Bibles, Sets It Ablaze

A popular pastor has been reported to have seized Bibles belonging to his congregation and burned them.

The Ugandan pastor and leader of the House of Prayer ministries, Aloysius Bugingo was alleged to have gathered all Bibles in his church on Easter Monday and burned them on grounds that the literature was misleading his members.

According to reports from Zambezi Reporters, the cleric noted that “Bibles like the King James version and the New Testament have been tampered with and some verses omitted.”

The cleric, Pastor Bugingo further noted that the lines in the Bible talking about the Fasting and Lent, in general have been edited out of the Holy book.

He added that the the word “Holy Ghost” appears a whopping 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times.

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