Puma sues Forever 21 Over Knock Off Rihanna sneaks

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Puma are suing chain store Forever 21 accusing the company of copying a number of the Fenty X Rihanna designs created by Rihanna.

The shoe wear giant is demanding the retailer not only stop selling the alleged rip-offs but hand over all profits it has made from them, TMZ reports.

The suit comes as Puma also took action against Topshop in a German court, getting an injunction to stop the store selling slides Puma said were direct copies.

The songstress has served as the creative director for the Fenty X Puma range for over two years and her products often sell out.

According to TMZ, Puma filed the suit in Federal court claiming Forever 21 had blatantly ripped off at least three of the pop star’s designers.

Rihanna and fashion fans have long commented on the internet about the similarities between the Fenty X Puma shoes and those sold at Forever 21.

In the suit, according to TMZ, Puma singles out three designs which it claims have been copied by the chain store.

Puma holds patents and copyrights on the shoes’ designs, which include the sold out Leadcat Fenty Fur Slide which did retail at $80, the Bow Slide which costs $90 and her suede Creepers, which costs $99.

Forever 21 sells bow slides for $24.90, its furry slides cost just $18 and its creepers are $25.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Puma argues by Forever 21 selling ‘copies’ it lessens the demand and stops the shoes being seen as a¬†luxury item.

The shoe giant admits that it keeps stock levels low on purpose to ensure this.

According to the suit: ‘Forever 21’s business model is based on trading off of the established goodwill of reputable, name-brand companies, such as Puma.’

‘We will continue to take action to enforce our global intellectual property rights both against other brands who seek to trade off our designs and reputation and those who trade in counterfeit products.’

Forever 21 have been sued by brands including Adidas and Diane von Furstenberg that claimed their designs were copied.

But Forever 21 has also sued other retailers over copyright claims also.

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